The Course

Holes: 9 | Style: Parkland | Par: 68 | Length: 5462 Yards

Wigtown & Bladnoch Golf Course - Course Plan

1st Hole : Par 4 (306/298 yards). A gentle downhill hole with a slight dogleg to the right. Some trees on the right, but avoid the out of bounds on the left off the tee!

2nd Hole: Par 4 (370/346 yards). Mostly flat, just a slope down to a wide green. A copse of fir trees on the right and out of bounds on the left

3rd Hole: Par 3 (par 4 for ladies) (195 yards). A brisk walk up hill to a long green. Avoid the bunker on the front right of the green, and keep left as the hole falls away to the right

4th Hole: Par 4 (275/259 yards). An inviting drive off an elevated tee, downhill towards a large sloping green

5th Hole: Par 3 (149/141 yards). An uphill tee shot to a small elevated green with a tree plantation on the left and more trees behind the green


6th Hole: Par 4 (362/349 yards). An accurate tee shot is required to get downhill and in position for the sharp dogleg left. The shot to the green has to be straight to avoid trees either side of the fairway and two greenside bunkers. Probably the most challenging hole

7th Hole: Par 4 (356/303 yards). This hole starts off flat but the second shot is uphill to an elevated green. Mind the deep bunker to the right of the green

8th Hole: Par 4 (342/271 yards). An inviting drive off an elevated tee, down to a mostly flat fairway. Avoid the large trees on the left of the fairway and the bunker to the left of the green

9th Hole: Men Par 4 376 yards/Ladies Par 5 374 yards. The last hole is the longest one on the course. It starts off flat but finishes with a brisk uphill climb, to a slightly elevated green with the captains charity bunker to the right of the green.

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