Mrs RD Watson Draw

The draw for the Mrs RD Watson Ladies Open Competition, sponsored by Signature Gifts Ltd, to be held on Sunday 1st May 2022. Spaces still available, weather looking settled, Course in great condition!

10.00 N Simpson, K Bell

10.15 M Locke (Kbt), J Porter (Str)

10.30 C Cannon, H Inman (NS)

10.45 S Milven, S King (Kbt)

11.00 H Fox (NS), L Kane (Kbt)

11.15 K Milven, G Rowlinson (Kbt)

11.30 L Jack (DC), M McCulloch

11.45 F Allison (DC), S Bell

12.00 A Potter, D Gunby

12.15 S McGinn, E Porteous (NG)

12.30 C McIntosh(C), E Rogers (NG)

12.45 M McClymont (NG), G Robson

13.00 J Ho (NS), M Cluckie

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