Ladies Section “AGM” and Trophy Winners

The Ladies Section ended a very “different” season with an Email AGM! A big thank you to Marion Cluckie for overseeing the smooth running of a very challenging year. Best wishes to Sandra McGinn who will take over as Captain in February 2021 along with her Vice Captain Angela Potter. Amazingly all singles competitions were played, and the Trophy Winners are:

Club Champion: Christine Cannon

Bronze Division Champion (Norah Simpson Trophy): Mhari McCulloch

Match Play Champion (Frullani Trophy): Cilla Strain

Silver Medal winner: Debbie Gunby

Bronze Medal Winner: Kelly Milven

Medal Winners Shield 2019: Kelly Milven

Medal Winners Shield 2020: Debbie Gunby

Gibson Trophy: Sharon Milven

Neil Trophy: Cilla Strain

Eclectic Trophy: Mhari McCulloch

Golfer of the year Trophy: Debbie Gunby

Here’s hoping 2021 will be nice and straight forward!

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