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Competitions for July

Here are the fixtures we have for the month of July. There may be others added over the course of the month. The will also been the regular Greenkeeper’s Sweep on Fridays as well. ⛳️🏌️‍♂️

Members are Now Allowed Guests

The Committee is pleased to announce that as of Monday 6th July members are allowed to play golf with invited guests. Please use the booking system as per normal but use the comments box to give the full name of your guest, and how you intend to pay i.e. BACS or cash/cheque in an envelope posted through the kitchen door letterbox. Please adhere to all current Scottish Golf rules regarding maximum number of households, and travel restrictions.

The cost for each guest is £10. This will be for 9 holes, 18 holes or a full day.

We are not yet ready to welcome visitors, but will keep it under review.

Thank you for supporting the Club and Committee during this unprecedented time.

Drew Smith Quaich and over 60s Stableford

The first 18 hole competition of the season was held today. The Drew Smith Stableford Quaich and the Over 60’s Stableford were competed for over the course of a glorious day with the course in excellent condition.
Overall winner was E Marshall 40pts BIH
2nd in 1st class G Henry 35pts
3rd in 1st class K Nicholson 35pts
1st in 2nd class A Macdonald 40pts
2nd in 2nd class A Cannon 39pts
3rd in 2nd class B Cluckie 34pts

Winner of over 60’s T Simpson 34pts

Updated Gents Schedule

A few dates for your diaries gentlemen.

Remember you can now have up to 3 households represented in each grouping. All other previous social distancing guidelines apply.

As we are later in starting this year, it will be the best 8 gross scores that qualify for the club championship knockout stages rather than the top 16.

Sweep Sunday 14th June 2020


Well done to all 29 players who took part yesterday. Super turnout on a beautiful day😊⛳️

Results are as follows:…


Matthew Robinson-33-3.5-29.5

1st Gents – Gordon Henry 34-4-30

2nd Equal Gents – Neil Cluckie 37-6-31

2nd Equal Gents – Stuart McDowall 41-10-31

1st Equal Ladies- Sandra McGinn 42-8.5-33.5

Christine Cannon – 42-8.5-33.5

Thanks again to everyone for taking part. There will be another sweep on a Friday 19th June.⛳️ All welcome again⛳️

Same rules apply and stay safe😊⛳️


Friday 12/6/20 Sweep Results


A massive Thank You to every one who played in our first sweep of the season yesterday.

21 played and 19 were eligible for the sweep. A special Mention to Ben and Aaron for super scores but unfortunately weren’t eligible for sweep money but keep it going boys….

Results are as follows:

1st Robin McHarg ( 40 – 10.5 – 29.5) 👏⛳️👏

2nd Stuart McDowall (42 – 10 – 32)

3rd Peter Taylor ( 42 – 9.5 – 32.5)

Prizes will be handed out to winners in a safe social distancing manner.

Remember there’s another sweep tomorrow all day⛳️⛳️⛳️

See you all tomorrow and good luck. Same rules apply⛳️⛳️⛳️


Tee Times Tuesday 2nd June

Tee Times

Tuesday 2nd June

7.45 H Steele…
9.00 T Simpson/ N Simpson
9.15 T Bark/ H Bark
9.30 W Neil / A Steele
9.45 S McGinn / A Milven
10.00 K Russell
10.30 A Steele/ A Steele
1.30 A MacDonald / B MacDonald / A Cannon
2.00 C Strain / S Bell
3.30 C Strain / S Bell
4.15 S Drysdale/ D Gunby / D Drysdale
5.45 G Henry / G Campbell
6.00 S Drysdale / D Gunby / D Drysdale
6.15 E Marshall
6.30 M Cluckie / N Cluckie

All other times are still available and can be booked by phoning M Potter (07733540515) or M Robinson 07743 732247

Sunday 31st May 2020 Tee Times

Tee Times
Sunday 31st May
7.00 D Bell/ K Bell
9.00 R McHarg / J Smith
9.15 D McGinn / S McGinn / A Milven…
9.30 T Simpson / W Neil
10.30 R McHarg
11.00 D McGinn / S McGinn / A Milven
11.30 N Simpson / E Thomson
12.00 H Bark / T Bark
1.30 N Cluckie / M Cluckie
1.45 H Bark/ T Bark
2.30 H Inman
3.15 N Cluckie / M Cluckie / D Cluckie
4.00 S Bell / C Strain

All other times are still available and can be booked by contacting this page or phoning M Potter (07733540515) or M Robinson 07743 732247

Tee Times for Friday 29th May 2020

Tee Times

7.00 D Bell
10.00 A MacDonald/ B MacDonald / A Cannon
10.30 T Bark / H Bark…
12.15 T Bark / H Bark
1.00 M Potter / A Potter / N Cluckie/ M Cluckie
1.15 A Steele / A Steele / A Steele
4.00 D Cluckie / B Cluckie
4.30 S Milven / K Milven
5.00 M Robinson / E Marshall
6.00 J Smith / R Smith / J Smith
6.15 D McGinn / A Milven
6.30 R McHarg

All other times are still available and can be booked by phoning M Potter (07733540515) or M Robinson (07743732247

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