Month: May 2023

May 2023 50/50 result

The lucky winners in our May 50/50 draw are

1st A McQuaker 246

2nd M Hunter 190

3rd J M Thomson 257

Many thanks to all our loyal supporters, this is one of our main fundraisers!

RD Watson/Harrison Open Results

The RD Watson Scratch (sponsored by W+M Neil) and the Harrison Open (sponsored by B Harrison) was held today in mostly glorious weather. This was reflected in some very good scoring.

Once again, we are delighted to have the generous support of our sponsors for these competitions.

Results are as follows. These are slightly different from those previously published due to an administrative error. Please accept our heartfelt apologies for posting the wrong results earlier.

RD Watson Scratch

1st K Nicholson 72

2nd E Marshall 73

3rd D McGinn 77

Harrison Open 1st Class

1st G Cannon 75-9-66

2nd J Smith 75-8-67

3rd M Robinson 78-8-70

Harrison Open 2nd Class

1st D McHarg 88-24-64 (Overall winner)

2nd A Simmonds 86-19-67

3rd Al Steele 90-20-69

We would like to thank everyone for playing and hope to see you back later in the season.

Harrison open Winner

A delighted Duncan McHarg was presented with the Harrison Trophy by sponsor Brian Harrison tonight. Duncan shot an impressive 64 nett to win the open competition in his first attempt.

Thanks again to Brian for his generous sponsorship of this open. 🏆

Draw for Brigend Mixed

Draw for the Brigend Mixed Double Greensomes on Saturday 26th May.

9.00 K McWilliam / G Coulter

C Strain / P Strain

9.30 N Simpson / T Simpson

J Ho / J Teehan

10.00 H MacBeath / S MacTier

K Milven / E Dodds

10.15 J Wallace / T Jolly

C Cannon / T Adams

10.45 S Prentice / K Nicholson

J Porter / B Porter

11.00 D Gunby / R Herries

A Potter / M Potter

11.15 M McCulloch / T Bark

G Galloway / E Lyndsey

11.45 M Cluckie / N Cluckie

S Drysdale / D Drysdale

Late entries are still available.

Fundraising Draw Result

Tonight our recent fundraising draw took place. Top prize was vouchers as follows: Chris Robinson golf £100, Steven Cronnie, butcher £50, Shell fuel £50 – winner takes all.

The winning ticket was number 36 and the lucky winner was John Smith.

Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and to Kelly for organising.

Mrs RD Watson Result

The ladies opening competition was held on Sunday 7th May, in very favourable weather conditions. The R D Watson trophy for the best scratch score, was won by Kerry McWilliam, Wigtownshire County with an 84. The salver for the best handicap score was won by Helena Fox, Newton Stewart with a score of 86-12=74. In second place was Mhari McCulloch, Wigtown & Bladnoch with 87-13=74, beaten on the better inward half. In third place was Alison Graham, St Medans with 101-24=77.

Thanks to the many volunteer greenkeepers for the excellent preparation of the course.

Draw for RD Watson/ Harrison open

Draw for the RD Watson / Harrison Open to be held on Sunday 14th May. Late entries still available.

8.00 J Arnott / A Donnan / E Marshall

8.15 C Bell / J Boyce / S Hughes Jnr

8.30 T Adams / B Harrison

9.00 N Lord / A Simmonds/ S McTier

9.30 N Whyte / K Dawson / G Cunningham

10.00 R McHarg / D McHarg / C Young

10.45 M Robinson / G Cannon / K McBride

11.00 E Dodds / W Neil / A Steele

11.30 D Drysdale/ R Drysdale

12.00 R Herries / J Smith

12.45 N Cluckie / T Simpson

1.00 D McGinn / D Cluckie / T Jolly

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