Month: May 2020

Sunday 31st May 2020 Tee Times

Tee Times
Sunday 31st May
7.00 D Bell/ K Bell
9.00 R McHarg / J Smith
9.15 D McGinn / S McGinn / A Milven…
9.30 T Simpson / W Neil
10.30 R McHarg
11.00 D McGinn / S McGinn / A Milven
11.30 N Simpson / E Thomson
12.00 H Bark / T Bark
1.30 N Cluckie / M Cluckie
1.45 H Bark/ T Bark
2.30 H Inman
3.15 N Cluckie / M Cluckie / D Cluckie
4.00 S Bell / C Strain

All other times are still available and can be booked by contacting this page or phoning M Potter (07733540515) or M Robinson 07743 732247

Tee Times for Friday 29th May 2020

Tee Times

7.00 D Bell
10.00 A MacDonald/ B MacDonald / A Cannon
10.30 T Bark / H Bark…
12.15 T Bark / H Bark
1.00 M Potter / A Potter / N Cluckie/ M Cluckie
1.15 A Steele / A Steele / A Steele
4.00 D Cluckie / B Cluckie
4.30 S Milven / K Milven
5.00 M Robinson / E Marshall
6.00 J Smith / R Smith / J Smith
6.15 D McGinn / A Milven
6.30 R McHarg

All other times are still available and can be booked by phoning M Potter (07733540515) or M Robinson (07743732247

Tee Times for Saturday 30th May 2020

Tee Times

7.00 A Simmonds
8.00 R Herries / J Herries
8.45 A Simmonds…
9.00 D McGinn / S McGinn / A Milven
9.45 E Marshall / J Smith
10.00 T Simpson / N Simpson / W Neil
10.45 D McGinn / S McGinn / A Milven
11.00 S Milven / K Milven
11.30 J Smith / E Marshall
12.00 R McHarg
1.00 D Drysdale / S Drysdale
1.30 R McHarg
2.45 D Drysdale / S Drysdale

All other times are still available and can be booked by phoning M Potter (07733540515) or M Robinson (07743732247)

Course Reopening Regulations after Covid 19 Phase 1 Relaxation

The Captain & Committee have compiled the following document to allow the course to open in a safe environment for all staff and members in line with the Scottish Government and Scottish Golf’s rules. This document will be updated as lockdown restrictions are eased. Please familiarise yourself with our policy before playing.





Anyone who is SHIELDING should not attend.


Tee times for play will start at 7am earliest until 7.30pm at this time. This will be altered accordingly due to sunrise and sunset.

⛔️No tee booking outwith these times ⛔️

You may book up to 4 players from a maximum of 2 households in your Tee Time.

Booking is for 9 holes. If you wish to play 18 you will need to book a second 9 and only start your second 9 at your allocated time. Please do not book more than one round per day at present.

All Tee Times MUST BE BOOKED by using the website or by phoning / texting M Potter (07733540515) or M Robinson (07743732247) between 9am and 5pm on Weekdays.


If you are subsequently unable to play please ensure that you cancel your booking.


🟢Arrive no more than 15 minutes before your allotted Tee Time.

🟢Wherever possible leave a gap of one parking space between cars.

🟢Come dressed to play and change your shoes in the car park.

🟢There will be no access to toilets or the clubhouse).

🟢Do not approach the 1st tee until 5 minutes before your allotted tee times.

🟢Access to 1st tee by large gap in wall at bottom of putting green. Exit from course via small gap in the wall at top of putting green.

🟢Please observe Social Distancing and don’t forget to maintain Social Distancing from others on the course.

🏌️‍♂️Tee off at your allotted time.

During your round

🟢Following play of a hole, do not enter the next teeing area until all members of the group in front have played their tee-shots and exited the teeing area.

🟢Always maintain social distancing of at least 2m from others using the course.

🟢Play with one ball only. No practising.

🟢Do not touch the flag-stick.

🟢Hole bases have been raised to avoid the necessity of having to reach into the hole. It’s social golf why not reduce the risk and agree a ‘gimme’ distance. 🤜🏼🤛🏼

🟢Do not touch anybody else’s equipment or golf ball.

🟢Bunker rakes have been removed. Smooth the sand with foot or club and place your ball on the smoothed area as near as possible to where the ball lay, without penalty.

🟢Do not attempt to use any of the course amenities, benches, ball washers and , where possible, handrails located on the course.

🟢Please leave the course immediately after finishing your round.

🟢Should anyone need to leave the course without playing a full round please be patient and continue to observe social distancing and exit the course when safe to do so.


🟢Please return directly to your vehicle or to a safe personal location if awaiting collection.

🟢Take your clubs and equipment home. It is recommended that you clean your equipment, especially the grips, at home.


Please be aware that there are no toilet facilities at the Club at this time 🚾 ❌

The Locker Rooms will be closed but access to retrieve clubs can be made by appointment. ⛔️

Hygiene 😷

We ask that all Members be responsible for their own hygiene. Please wash your hands thoroughly before attending and bring suitable hand sanitising equipment. Avoid handshakes or other contact.
Please follow all the advice that has been given for preventing the spread of Covid-19.


❌No Visitors allowed at this time❌

Play will be strictly members only initially until we can evaluate the level of attendance.

Buggy use 🛺

🟢Private buggies must be for single person or same household use only

Competitions ✏️

Due to the current restrictions and the possibility of future restrictions or amendments to the configuration of play allowed, there will be no Official Club (Board) Competitions this year, but the potential to run Medal Competitions or similar will be assessed as we progress through the year.

Green staff have priority on the course.

Pay your subscriptions (£210 full member, £135 youth, £60 junior, £35 juvenile, £135 Country member, £95 Associate) Payment can be made electronically using sort code 80-19-33 and account number 00202407. Payment by Cheque can be made by arrangement.

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